History in the Making

Our mission is to amplify 'The Sound of People' by crafting unique audio solutions that stand out in the market, uniting individuals through the power of sound.

Our History

Alfred Stromberg & Androv Carlson Partner in Chicago, USA

Our History

Stromberg-Carlson quickly positions itself as one of the leading communication brands in the US

Our History

The brand is acquired by Lenford, an audio development company, rebranding the name to "Stromberg."

Our History

We continue to grow and expand our audio lineup with the values established by our creators.

Stromberg Tour

Step into the world of Stromberg at Lenford. Where the magic of sound comes to life. From R&D labs to our bustling warehouse, get a day-in-the-life view of how we create audio products that make people want to party together since 1996

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